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Guardians of the Wolves

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The passionate members who make up the Guardians of the Wolves’ dedicated team each bring unique experiences to the organization. Though everyone serves a different role, each person is committed to helping preserve the legacy of the wolf.

Lori Wynn

Founder & Executive Director

Lori has been actively involved with advocacy work for over ten years, from working with local ranchers on non-lethal livestock protection methods to starting to speak to representatives from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife about preserving the legacy of the gray wolf in 2011. She and her partner, Sage, were prominent ambassadors that changed countless minds about wolves through their educational work, rewriting the story of the big bad wolf.

LaBryanna Abt

Marketing & Communications Director

LaBryanna has spent the last two decades serving as a multi-faceted ER & ICU nurse, having previously served in the United States Marine Corps. Her dedication to healing and community also extends to her membership to the Global International Tribal of Shaman, where she is a shamanic healer. She is the proud owner of two wolfdogs, one of which is our very own Ambassador Raven.

Dr. Patricia Beach

Managing Director

Dr. Beach has her PhD in Animal Behavioral Science, having dedicated the majority of her life to her passion for animals. She has previously consulted and performed program evaluations for the San Diego Zoo and taken part in multiple studies, including an 8-year study on the migratory patterns of Arctic Wolves. She is a proud owner of two wolfdogs, including Ambassador Ylva.

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